Learn How Women Are Losing Fat To Enhance Their Curves From Home Without Starvation Diets And Hours Of Boring Cardio!!!

Meet Your Coach!!

Josh AKA Dr. DoYou

Master Trainer

What's Up and welcome to Sundresskiller! 

My name's Josh, Cleveland, OH native, currently reside in Houston TX. I've been a fitness professional 8 years now. After changing the lives of 4.500 individuals around the states I adopted the nickname Dr. DoYou. Once I wasn't playing organized basketball anymore, I got in the worse shape of my life. Mentally, physically and emotionally I was at my lowest which started my journey to becoming my best self. 

I'm not one of those trainers that portray to be perfect in every aspect and every second of the day. I also don't expect perfection from those that work with me. But what I do expect is consistency!!

I've never been overweight so I can't say I know what that feels like but I do understand how it feels to be at your lowest mentally, physically and emotionally. So with that in mind I used that to create SundressKiller which has helped hundreds of women build their confidence and hit their fitness in health goals. 

9 months ago, I really struggled with putting myself first and prioritizing self-care because I have kids and they typically come first in my schedule. Going through the program made me realize how important it is to put myself first, not just for me but for my kids as well.

Mom & Business owner

My physical and mental results from Sundresskiller had my ex reaching out to me!! I'm thankful for this program.

Mom of 2

SundressKiller was the restart I needed for my fitness journey. I finally started to lose weight and inches when I joined the program. I have lost close to 20lbs since my first session, and I want to thank you! I'll be back soon. Keep up the great work!!

SundressKiller Participant

I first joined Sundresskiller because I wanted to find a routine and get back into shape. It's been amazing so far. I've lost 6 inches and down one pants size in 4 weeks. I decided to do the subscription so I can turn it up a notch.

Wife, Mom & Career Woman